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BigData at Iowa State University bigdata
Biology Information Technology (BIT) biology IT, sequencing, genetics, next generation sequencing
Code School - Try Git git, basics
Code School - Try R R, training
Condo HPC Cluster ( condo, hpc
Condo logon with Google Authenticator google authenticator, condo
Data Carpentry bigdata, data
Data Management Planning - Data Management Plan Guide data management, data planning, data management plan, DMPTool, DMPTool
data-driven_science_initiative_workshop [Big Data] bigdata
Explain Git with D3 git, sandbox, D3, git training
Explain Git with D3 git training
Genome Informatics Facility at ISU genome informatics
Git Workflows and Tutorials | Atlassian Git Tutorial git, gitflow, workflow
Gnu Parallel - Parallelize Serial Command Line Programs Without Changing Them parallelize, Gnu
Home | High Performance Computing hpc
ISU Research Computing - YouTube training, tutorials, videos, presentation
IT Handbook | Iowa State University handboook, IT
LAS Infrastructure and Operations Manual - Linux, system processes
MEAN.IO - MongoDB, Express, Angularjs Node.js powered fullstack web framework MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS
Meteor javascript
Network Attached Storage storage, drive, cybox, my files, ISLION, research files, hard drive
Noam Ross | Vectorization in R: Why? R, vectors, code optimization
Open Science Framework (OSF) Science, Open Science Framework, Scholarly Collaboration, cloud
ORCID | University Library identifier, digital identifier, id, orcid
Parallel BLAST blast, parallelize, parallels, parallel
Research IT JIRA Project tracking JIRA, project management
Research IT | Biology Information Technology (BIT) BIT, biology IT, hpc
ResearchIT on GitHub ResearchIT on GitHub
Software Carpentry carpentry, development, coding
Spack - Package management tool Package management, command line, version control
Using Omics Pipe — Omics Pipe v1.1.3 Documentation omics, pipeline, Python, framework, next generation sequencing
VPN at ISU vpn, off campus, remote