We have now started building our modules using Spack. You can find more information about our implementation of Spack modules here:

You can find a full list of Spack packages here:

To see what we have installed, just run the following command on any of our servers:

To see the full list:

module avail

To search for a package:

module spider python

We also have a collection of singularity images, some of which are local only, and others which you can find on singularity-hub by searching for ResearchIT.

Our singularity images are also available as modules on all of our servers (the list below is just an example, and will continue to grow):

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /opt/rit/singularity/modules -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   asreml/3.0    asreml/4.1 (D)    ete3/3.1.1    itasser/5.0    library.tcl    longranger/2.2.1    nwchem/6.6    qiime/2-2017.11    tofu2/v17


In addition to Spack & Singularity, our legacy RISA modules are also still available:

module unuse /opt/rit/spack-modules/lmod/linux-rhel7-x86_64/Core

module use /opt/rit/modules