Condo maintenance planned for Wed 3/15/2017

March 14, 2017

Please see the below message from Jim Coyle:

Condo2017 users,

Reminder that the Condo Cluster will be going down for planned maintenance tomorrow, Wed Mar 15,  at 8am.

We will let you know if it comes back before 5pm.

As the final phase in the software upgrade of the Condo Cluster,  there will be a shutdown on Condo and Cindo2017 on 3/15 for a final reconfiguration.

Once this is complete, the address  will refer to the new head node (condo2017 will stay as an alias for a while).


This is need to change the name, but also for some long overdue maintenance.

•             The parallel filesystem will be rebuilt using gluster, which will allow more seamless upgrades.

•             The /work fileservers will be upgraded to RHEL7 which should help performance.

•             The Infiniband network will be reconfigured to improve bandwidth.

This will not change the environment that you now have on Ciondo2017, except that /oldhome and /oldwork/LAS will no longer exist, as that space will be rebuilt.

Please move anything that you need off of these filesystems.

Running jobs would be killed, so we have placed scheduler reservations to ensure that jobs which would not end before the shutdown will not start.

Jobs which are awaiting execution should start when the new system comes back up.

This will be the first planned maintenance in the 2 years that the Condo Cluster has been in service.

We regret any inconvenience that this causes.


Jim C.