Condo2017 Migration Completed

February 15, 2017

The transition to Condo2017 has been completed.

You will no longer be able to login to (unless you have an actively running job, which is being allowed to finish). Going forward, login to using your NetID and regular university password.

If you had a job running on Condo, you may continue to login there to monitor the status, but please do not start any new jobs on the old condo.

Condo2017 has a new storage pool for LAS. The new storage is mounted at /work/LAS, and should have better performance.

The old storage directory will be accessible through the end of the month on both the Condo2017 headnode & condodtn at /oldwork/LAS, in a read-only mode. You can copy any data you need to keep from /oldwork/LAS to /myfiles or /work/LAS (if you're still actively using the data).

Another difference with the new storage is that each lab group will have a folder pre-created, and only be able to read/write to their lab folder. If you do not have a lab folder, and need one, please email

Please let me know if you have any questions as you transition to the new system.