Google Drive


Google Drive is a place where you store and share files for your own use, and share with others at ISU, or with collaborators anywhere in the world.

Though not yet widely communicated, all faculty & staff now have access to the G-Suite features of the University's Google services (similar to what students have had for several years).  This allows researchers to establish an institutional (non consumer) Google account, which can be used for services like Google Drive.  This can be a good solution for researchers who have external collaborators who are more familiar with the Google Drive/Docs services, or to more easily share documents with graduate students who many already be more familiar with Google Drive.

Like CyBox, Google Drive is a good solution for collaborative documents and small files. It is not recommended for large data files. 

If you plan to use Google Drive for research data, we strongly encourage you to ask us to create folders for the lab, which will persist independently of any individual user account.  This will protect your data in the event that a postdoc, grad student, or PI leaves, allowing the lab to retain access to the data.     

Google Drive Features:

  • It's FREE*!  (*Paid for by the University) 
    • There is a per-file limit of 5TB
    • There is a limit 750GB of uploads per day. 
    • The university will have a quota of 100TB on its total usage starting in 2022.
    • Do not store research data here with file sizes greater than kilobytes.
  • To create or access your Google account, go to and sign-on with your IASTATE email and password through Okta
    • If you have previously created a consumer google account using your email address, that will need migrated into the G-Suite organization first.  Contact your local IT person for assistance with this.
  • Meets University standards for security and privacy, including FERPA.

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