File Transfers

How do I copy files to and from /work?

All file transfers to/from work to/from other sources like your laptop or LSS must be done through the machine:

This diagram shows the larger capacity network connections on prontodtn, which explains why we require files to be transferred through prontodtn & not pronto:

diagram of pronto and prontodtn networks

You can use for scp from your desktop or another location and you can also access LSS, mounted at /lss, on prontodtn.

To use scp, you will first need to ssh to You may be prompted for your password twice. You should enter it both times to ensure that you get a Kerberos ticket. If you are not prompted for it a second time, run


After entering your password, you can disconnect from ssh. scp should then work.

You can also access your files via SMB share. Enter \\ into your explorer window if you're on Windows, or smb:// in the finder connect dialog if you're on MacOS. You will need to be on campus or connected to the VPN.

Note: The ISU VPN has limited bandwidth. If you have a large amount of data to transfer, or you want to transfer files without using the VPN, we recommend that you use Globus.