This page contains a list of all the available clusters to run your jobs. 

If you are unsure on which cluster to use or which one would best suit your needs, please refer to this link. If you see a node that is not listed here, it is most likely under Pronto. Under the "Intended Purpose" column, there's a link that will redirect you to all of Pronto's available nodes. 


All of the hardware listed run on RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.

Key Picture
Processor Speed Processor_Speed
RAM (One stick = 64 GB) RAM
Cores (1 Box = 2 Cores) Cores

Hardware Name and Intended Purpose

Specification Comparison


Pronto has many nodes available for different purposes. To learn about these nodes, please refer to this link: https://researchit.las.iastate.edu/pronto_hardware


FQDN: pronto.las.iastate.edu

(Refer to the link in the previous column for detailed hardware information)

Condo2017 Cluster Compute Nodes

The HPC Condo cluster is composed of 188 compute nodes, in addition to the head node, data transfer node, a "large" memory node, and a "huge" memory node. 

Each of the nodes are connected via Intel QDR InfiniBand (40 Mbps) switch, and run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

The ResearchIT group has the ability to help researchers establish accounts, compile and install software, and provide support for the cluster.  The LAS college has a large allocation, and can help researchers get started on the Condo quickly.  Please contact us at researchit@iastate.edu if you would like to discuss your research needs and get started on this University resource.


FQDN: condo2017.its.iastate.edu


CPU Features: AVX, AVX2

  •  2.5TB local disk space per node
  •  256TB shared Lustre scratch diskspace named /ptmp
  • 756TB of ZFS long term NFS disk space under quota
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2640 v3 @ 2.60 GHz
  •  Cores: 16
  •  RAM in GB: 128

Condo2017 Cluster Huge Memory Node

In addition to the compute nodes, the Condo2017 cluster also contains a "huge" memory node


FQDN: condo2017.its.iastate.edu


CPU Features: AVX, AVX2


  • 1.3TB Local disk
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7-4830 v2 @ 2.20 GHz
  • Cores: 40
  • RAM in GB: 2048

Condo2017 Cluster Large Memory Node

In addition to the compute nodes, the Condo2017 cluster also contains a "large" memory node


FQDN: condo2017.its.iastate.edu


CPU Features: AVX, AVX2


  • 1.8TB Local disk
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5-4620 v2 @ 2.60 GHz
  • Cores: 32
  • RAM in GB: 1024

Condo2017 Free Tier

The Condo2017 Free Tier is composed of 48 nodes from the cluster previously named ClusterOne, and prior to that named LHB-NGS and LHB-PS.  This cluster is running the RISAsoftware repository, and is a good place to run MPI capable programs.

These nodes are slightly older than the regular compute nodes in the Condo cluster, and the processors are not as fast. This tier is being made available to any research group in the University as a way to become introduced to the HPC environment without an upfront cost commitment. 

Please email researchit@iastate.edu to obtain access.


FQDN: condo2017.its.iastate.edu


CPU Features: AVX, AVX2


  • 20TB Gluster replica volume on ZFS on /freetmp
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 @ 2.00GHz
  • Cores: 12
  • RAM in GB: 62



Nova can only be used by research groups who have purchased nodes and storage. 


The cluster contains a login node, data transfer node, and a management node. Nova contains two 18-core Intel Skylake 6140 Xeon processors, 1.5 TB of fast NVME Local storage, and 192 GB or 384 GB of memory.


There is also a 3 TB memory node with four 16-core Intel 6130 Xeon processors and 11 TB of SSD storage and 3 GPU nodes. 


The shared storage consists of four file servers and eight JBODS that provide 338 TB of backed up storage per server. All of the nodes and storage are connected with a Mellanox EDR (100Gbps) switch. 


To purchase nodes on Nova, please visit this link: https://hpc-ga1.its.iastate.edu/nova_purchase/

If you wish to add users to your allocation, please visit this link: https://asw.iastate.edu/cgi-bin/acropolis/login?saveID=04007968111df8296ff3a8624c59b068


FQDN: nova.its.iastate.edu


  • Intel(R) Skylake 6140 Xeon processor @ 2.30GHz
  • Cores: 36
  • RAM in GB: 384