March Maintenance and Lightning3 Data Transfer Node

March 29, 2016

We will be taking down the BIT machines (biocrunch, bigram, speedy, speedy2) on Thursday night for updates. Please ensure any jobs you're running are stopped, and results saved to the Isilon before then.


We now have a mount for the Isilon research storage on the Lightning3 cluster.

To access:

login to as usual

ssh to lightning3dtn, login with your email password

navigate to /myfiles/las/research/your-lab

copy to/from the local storage to the Isilon

This will allow you to move files to/from the Isilon similar to the functionality we have on Condo and the BIT machines. We strongly recommend that you make a copy of any critical data from Lightning3 and put it on the Isilon to ensure your data is safe. If you want help, please email and we will assist you.


We now have ~172 pieces of software in RISA available to our BIT machines, and any RHEL7 compatible computer.

You can find more info here about our software repository: