IT Handbook | Iowa State University

Developed by the Colleges of Engineering and Liberal Arts and Sciences and Information Technology Services, this handbook is intended to provide answers to common IT questions at Iowa State University. Features This handbook is written to be the starting point of an IT technician's search. For many of the topics in this document, instructions and supplemental information are available through existing IT websites. In most cases, this document links directly to these materials. For topics where there is no existing documentation, this handbook provides an approach. Topics are laid out by chapter and linked from both the Table of Contents and the Index. Supplemental information, such as a list of ITS contacts, is available in the appendix. Additionally, a large number of links and email addresses are referenced within — providing direct contact with local subject-matter experts. These features facilitate problem solving through organization and aggregation of distributed knowledge. Audience While the target audience for this handbook is Iowa State IT staff and student technicians, this handbook is written to be accessible to all faculty and staff of Iowa State University. This handbook should not be distributed outside of its intended audience.
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