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Open Science Framework

If you're looking for a tool to use for managing your lab projects, or as an electronic lab notebook you should become familiar with the Open Science Framework,

OSF provides an open source framework and free hosting for projects.  The tool has integrations with many of the common services you already use, and a number of features designed to help you keep your project data organized so you can ensure your research is both reproducible and replicable.OSF example

A few of the key features provided:

  • Wiki per project
  • Ability to upload data files and version them
  • Data files can be stored on OSF, or tools like CyBox
  • Track code associated with your project through GitHub integration
  • Share your data with FigShare, or directly from OSF so other researchers can build on your work
  • Create DOI's to ensure you have a permanent identifier for your research data

OSF has good documentation for new users, and the FAQ is a good place to start, while the Guides provide more in-depth info.

Feel free to sign up & try it out, or contact for a more in depth discussion or demo.