Research IT | May Updates : Cluster rebuild, Big Data storage, Bio databases, New Website

May 24, 2016

***Cluster Rebuild***

We are targeting May 31st to begin rebuilding the LHB-NGS cluster (aka We will be updating the operating system, installing a new job scheduler, and installing scientific computing software using our RISA repository.


If you are currently using this cluster, please make a backup of your data and arrange to utilize another compute resource while we have the machine down for the rebuild (which may take several weeks).


If you have questions or need assistance moving your data or finding another computational resource, please contact:


***Big Data storage***

We now have 88TB of additional storage available on Speedy2 that can be used for BigData analysis

The storage is mounted on /home/bigdata

As with all of our local server storage, it should be considered ephemeral, and only used during processing. Important data should be kept in your research folder on the Isilon.


***Bio databases**

Shared biological databases can now be found on Condo at:

/ptmp/LAS/BioDatabase (current)

/work/LAS4/Biodatabase (archive)


The available databases include: mpiBLASTdb, BLASTdb, and pre-indexed iGenome sequence databases from Illumina, and locally built Gmap-indexed sequence db's for each genome in iGenome.

Ctrl+Click or tap to follow the link"> 


***New Website***

Research IT has a new website:


We are working on consolidating ResearchIT information that was previously spread out on several different sites into one place to make it easier for you to access.