ResearchIT | End of Semester Updates: Downtime for maintenance 2019-05-28, Pronto expansion

May 10, 2019

Action Required

1. Please move/remove any data from your /home directories on the
machines we're going to be consolidating into Pronto (listed below).
Any data not moved from /home on the stand-alone servers will be lost. 

2. Please copy any data you're concenerned about potentially losing
from /work to /lss.  The /work filesystem will be updated, and while
not planned, is at higher risk of data loss.

Downtime 2019-05-28

We will be taking down the ResearchIT servers Tue May 28th at 9AM for
some updates & maintenance.  We expect to be back up by early evening.

During this time we will be applying patches and updates for all
systems, including the /work storage.

We do not intend to remove any data from /work during this maintenance
window, but the risk of accidental loss during this time is higher than
usual.  Be sure you have any important data copied to your LSS
directory for safe keeping.

Pronto Expansion

During our last maintenance at Spring Break, we started moving groups
to the Pronto job scheduler which was setup to manage jobs across our
newer servers.

During this maintenance window, we will be moving the remaining stand-
alone servers behind pronto.  This includes:

* Bigram
* Biocrunch
* Biocrunch2
* Biocrunch3
* Speedy
* Speedy2
* RIT1
* RIT2

The scheduler allows us to have better control over resources to reduce
interference between user jobs, provides better downtime scheduling,
and enables better utilization tracking.

The below link provides additional information about how to use pronto:

Please let us know if you have questions about how to use the scheduler
on pronto, and we'll work to answer your questions and enhance our