ResearchIT | Summer Updates : Pronto downtime 7/21 & new VM self-service

July 14, 2020

Pronto (just the login/head node, and not the full cluster) will be down for a couple hours starting at 7AM on July 21st (one week from today).  Batch jobs will continue to run uninterrupted, but interactive sessions (srun, tmux, screen) will be terminated.

Email if you have questions or concerns with this planned maintenance.


ResearchIT is making a new self-service tool available to make it easier for researchers to create virtual machines for purposes such as development and testing.

The system is running OpenStack, a well-supported, open source, cloud infrastructure-as-a-service platform used at many institutions for public and private cloud offerings. The web interface is very similar to AWS, and should be familiar to those who have used public cloud services before, and many of the APIs are compatible with AWS.

This service allows researchers and members of their research group to create and destroy virtual machines at-will without the need to request this service from IT. We previously had this service available to a limited number of departments through our RedHat Virtualization (RHV) platform (motherbrain), but discontinued the self-service portion due to complications. We will be contacting those of you with research VMs on RHV to help you transition to OpenStack.

You can request a project in OpenStack at

The project will be automatically provisioned, and you will be able to create virtual machine instances, virtual networks, etc. within your available quota.

Initial quotas have been set to:
16 instances (VMs)
32 cores
32 GB memory
1 TB storage
Please note:
There are no backups
The VMs are temporary in nature
The VMs will not be publicly accessible

Instructions to help you get started are located here: