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Ask.Cyberinfrastructure help, how to, faq, questions, examples
BigData at Iowa State University bigdata
Biology Information Technology (BIT) biology IT, sequencing, genetics, next generation sequencing
Code School - Try Git git, basics
Code School - Try R Code School - Try R R, training
Condo HPC Cluster ( condo, hpc
Condo logon with Google Authenticator Condo logon with Google Authenticator google authenticator, condo
Data Carpentry bigdata, data
Data Management Planning - Data Management Plan Guide data management, data planning, data management plan, DMPTool, DMPTool
data-driven_science_initiative_workshop [Big Data] bigdata
DFC – DataNet Federation Consortium DFC – DataNet Federation Consortium Data Science, Sustainable Environment, environment data network, SEAD, DataNet, Science and Engineering Domain
Explain Git with D3 git, sandbox, D3, git training
Explain Git with D3 git training
Genome Informatics Facility at ISU genome informatics
Git Workflows and Tutorials | Atlassian Git Tutorial git, gitflow, workflow
Gnu Parallel - Parallelize Serial Command Line Programs Without Changing Them parallelize, Gnu
Home | High Performance Computing hpc
ISU Research Computing - YouTube training, tutorials, videos, presentation
IT Handbook | Iowa State University handboook, IT
LAS Infrastructure and Operations Manual - Linux, system processes
MEAN.IO - MongoDB, Express, Angularjs Node.js powered fullstack web framework MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS
Meteor javascript
Network Attached Storage storage, drive, cybox, my files, ISLION, research files, hard drive
Noam Ross | Vectorization in R: Why? R, vectors, code optimization
Open Science Framework (OSF) Science, Open Science Framework, Scholarly Collaboration, cloud
ORCID | University Library identifier, digital identifier, id, orcid
Parallel BLAST blast, parallelize, parallels, parallel
Research IT | Biology Information Technology (BIT) BIT, biology IT, hpc
ResearchIT on GitHub ResearchIT on GitHub
Software Carpentry carpentry, development, coding
Spack - Package management tool Spack - Package management tool Package management, command line, version control
Using Omics Pipe — Omics Pipe v1.1.3 Documentation omics, pipeline, Python, framework, next generation sequencing
VPN at ISU vpn, off campus, remote
XSEDETraining - YouTube XSEDETraining - YouTube training, help, tutorials, courses