Is your job running slowly? Crashing your laptop because R wants all the RAM?  Ready to move up to a cluster?

Maybe you need help writing an information security plan, or including servers or storage in a grant proposal.

Whatever the case, we're here to help make those technology problems easier.  Contact us for a consultation, or peruse the list of pages below for self-help.



Figuring out where to put your research data isn't always simple.  You need to think about data classification level, retention requirements, speed, ease of use, etc.

See our page that provides an overview of storage options to understand which solutions will best meet your needs.  Below is the list of available storage options that we support.

Web Apps

We can host internal or publicly available web applications for your research.  We have experience hosting Shiny, PHP, Python, Javascript frameworks, and others. Contact us as early as possible in your project to discuss your needs. Check out our Developer Tools services for related items.

Developer Tools

We have a self-service VM environment, and can host managed VMs, and containers using OKD - letting you focus on your application, not on being a server admin.  We can also help with things like application design, code reviews, information security plans, internal git repos, etc.


Does your desktop sound like a passenger jet about to take off? It's probably time to move up to using one of our computational servers.  The ResearchIT servers are configured for ease of use, and support both long-running jobs and interactive sessions.

If your code is already parallelized, and you're ready for a cluster we can get you on the right platform.  The LAS college has made investments in the Condo and Nova HPC clusters, and can get you started right away.  We also have a many-core cluster built on Intel Knights Landing architecture that's great for multi-threaded work like Monte-Carlo simulations, and several GPU servers with Nvidia 1080Ti, V100, and A100 cards for molecular dynamics, deep learning, etc.

When you're ready to use more resources than we have available here, as a member of the XSEDE Campus Champions, we can help you get onboarded to a remote supercomputer with thousands of nodes.


We have thousands of pieces of research software available through the software modules on our servers, and will be happy to add others for you.  Don't struggle spending hours or days trying to figure out how to get some esoteric piece of software working - someone else on campus undoubtedly needs the same thing, and we'll do it once so it can be used by everyone.

Try this on any of our servers to search for the software you need (we're searching for blast in the example below):

$ module spider blast