ResearchIT | Summer Updates: Downtime for maintenance 6/26, New servers, LSS migrations, training opportunities, survey

June 22, 2018

# Research IT - June '18 Update

## Downtime for Patching June 26th

* What: Server maintenance
* When: 6/26 9AM
* How long: approx 8 hours

We will be taking down all of the ResearchIT computational servers for patching
on Tuesday 6/26 at 9AM.  We have a number of operating system, firmware, etc.
patches to apply and are planning for a full day outage, though we may be done

Please ensure all of your jobs are complete, and have a copy of all important
long-term data on LSS prior to the maintenance.  

While we are not planning on any changes to /home or /work, there is always a
risk that data could be lost, and as always - you should keep important data on

## Survey

Please take our brief survey to help us provide better service to you:

## New Servers

- The GPU Server I mentioned previously is on order and expected to arrive soon.
If you are interested in using that server, and haven't talked to me previously,
please contact me.

- We are starting to plan for a new Speedy server. If you have a need for fast
single (or few) threaded processing, please contact me to discuss.

- An RFP recently went out to solicit bids for a new university HPC cluster. 
That is close to being awarded, and more information will be coming from the HPC
committee soon.  Please contact me if you are interested in buying nodes in a
new cluster.  

## LSS Migrations

- At the beginning of summer we received additional LSS hardware, and configured
it in a way to improve the performance vs. the current setup. We have been
migrating labs from the old to the new setup throughout the summer, and are
approx. 2/3rds of the way done.  If your lab hasn't been contacted for migration
yet, expect to hear from us in the next few weeks as we wrap this up.

## Training Opportunities

We are working more closely with XSEDE to ensure their events and videos are
made available.  
- Please check our events calendar:
- And our videos page:

We're also starting work on an hpc-carpentry workshop - and welcome suggestions
on needed topics via our survey link.