Research Computing | Condo2017 Intro

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This video will help familiarize you with the updates that have been made to condo. If you are a first time condo user you are encouraged to view the video Module 2_5 Condo Login.

The condo cluster has been rebuilt using RedHat Enterprise Linux 7. This provides condo with a much newer base OS and tools which facilitate compiling and using newer tools and software.

To differentiate the new cluster from the old one we have called the cluster "condo2017." This is only a temporary name. After all of the research groups have migrated from the older cluster we will migrate the name Condo back to the new cluster.
Just like Condo, Condo2017 is only accessible from on-campus or via ISU’s Virtual Private Network or VPN. For access from off-campus, please review the video titled 'Research Computing Login Preparation' for the installation and use of the ISU VPN software.

The address you will ssh to is ""

When logging into Condo2017 you will use your regular ISU NetID and password. This is the first part of your ISU email address. For instance, a1student, if your address were

When you login you will first be asked for your Google Authenticator code. Just like condo. This is the same Google Authenticator code you used on old condo.

Next you will be asked for your password. Remember this is your regular ISU NetID password, the same as you use on CyMail, and Blackboard, and Outlook; not your old condo password.
You should now be logged in. 

The first time you login to condo2017 the system will ask you to log a cell phone number with us to allow you to reset your Google Authenticator on your own in the future. This is optional. You may answer No and the system will not ask again. If you do enter a cell number we do not store it directly. We only store a "hash" of your number. If you do enter a cell number you will be able to do a self service reset of your Google Authenticator at:

If you decline to enter a cell number you will need to visit the solution center with a photo ID should you need to reset your Google Authenticator.

You are now fully logged into condo2017 and ready to submit jobs.

Condo2017 does not use a PBS based job submission system like the older condo did. It uses a newer system called Slurm. The system does have a compatibility layer and you attempt to use your existing PBS commands and scripts but our success with this has been very limited. You are encouraged to use the Slurm scriptwriter at to help rewrite your scripts and view our video

Modules have also received a lot of updates and changes from the old cluster. All modules have now been combined and should show in a more user friendly format. The group based prefixes

(LAS/HPC/ENGR/GIF) are gone. If you have existing scripts which reference these modules via these old paths you check will need to their new locations. For more information on modules view our video here:
We will also soon be introducing a free tier on condo2017 to replace the cystorm cluster. These will be
older machines with less RAM, but newer and better than the current cystorm nodes. 

Condo2017 will also be introducing a suspendible Partition(Queue in PBS speak). This will allow for low priority long running jobs which can be suspended when higher priority jobs are submitted. This will allow higher cluster utilization and shorter wait times for users.

This has been a review of changes for the condo2017 cluster. Further information is available on the HPC website at: