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This video will cover the differences in the software architecture between condo and condo2017. Condo2017 runs a newer version of the RedHat Linux operating system. Condo was running RHEL6, and Condo2017 is running the latest version of RHEL7. Most users should not notice a difference between the two.

Condo2017 uses software modules like the previous version of Condo, but the packages have been updated to work with RHEL7. The majority of software modules on Condo2017 are provided by RISA (Research IT Software Archive), and match the modules on the other RHEL7 research servers such as BioCrunch, BigRAM, and Speedy.

You can find more information on RISA at this link:

To see the available software use the command 'module available' or an abbreviated version of it such as 'module avail' (show screen capture).
You may notice that the modules on condo2017 are no longer prefixed with the college as they were on the previous version of Condo. This has been changed to help make software easier to find by sorting it together alphabetically. This change will require you to change any scripts you might have that reference software using the prefix.

For example, instead of: module load LAS/raxml/8.2.9 You would now use: module load raxml/8.2.9

You can find help for a module by using the module help command: $ module help raxml/8.2.9

It is recommended that you purge your environment of modules before loading new ones for your job. This will help to prevent conflicts. For example, in your SLURM job submission script:
module purge module load R/3.3.1

You can see the modules currently loaded in your environment by using the 'module list' command 

This has been a review of software on the condo2017 cluster.

For more information on software modules, please review the following links: