Research Computing | File Transfers with FileZilla

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This video will explain how to setup FileZillafor file transfers to the HPC clusters. FileZilla should only be downloaded from its authoritative site. Filezilla isa frequent target for malware authors. Please do not download it from other sources.

Access to most clusters is only possible from on campus or via the VPN. After downloading and installed FileZilla start the app and open the Site Manager.
On the left sideClick New Site and give it an appropriate name. Now on the right side verify you are in the “General” tab 

For Host use either the headnode or the data transfer node of the cluster you wish to access.For Protocol use “SFTP SSH File Transfer Protocol ”For Logon type use “Interactive” 

For User type your NetIDLeave the password box blank. You will be prompted for your password when you start a session.

If you are using a cluster that requires Google Authenticator you will want to go to the “Transfer Settings” tab and check the “Limit number of simultaneous connections” box and set “Maximum number of connections” to 1.

Now click Connect at the bottom of the windows and FileZilla should connect to the cluster.If the cluster you are connecting to requires Google Authenticator you will be prompted for that code first. You will be prompted for your password.

You should now be connected to the cluster and can copy files to or from the cluster. Now you can: Configure FileZilla and copy files to and from the clusters
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