Winter Updates: Downtime for maintenance 1-09-20

January 3, 2020

Downtime for patching : Jan 9th

  • What: Server downtime for pronto cluster & win compute servers
  • When: 1/9 9AM until done (may be later 1/9, or extend into 1/10)

We will be taking down all of the ResearchIT computational servers for
patching on Thursday 1/9 at 9AM.  We have a number of updates to apply
and are planning for a full day outage, though we may be done sooner.

Please ensure all of your jobs are complete, and have a copy of all
important long-term data on LSS prior to the maintenance.  Any jobs
still running at this time will be terminated.

We are upgrading pronto's lustre filesystem at /work (which is
temporary in nature), and there is a risk that data could be lost. 
As always - you should keep a copy of important data on LSS.

New Servers


Several new servers have been added to the pronto cluster and are
available for use (biocrunch9/10 and speedy7/8).

New Services<

We will be rolling out a new service for self-serve virtual machines in
spring semester. Keep an eye out for further updates as that becomes
ready for use.